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What is Stove Bolts

A stove bolt is a type of metal fastener that is available in a variety of sizes and materials. A stove bolt is a type of machine screw, which means that it has a metal shaft that does not taper is threaded along its entire length. A stove bolt, like other machine screws, is most often used to hold pieces of metal together. Stove bolts acquired their name, in fact, because they were originally used to fasten the metal portions of stoves together. The end of the shaft of a stove bolt is flat.

Stove bolts generally have heads that are either flat and slightly tapered on the bottom, which means that they can be countersunk, or they are rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. The head of a stove bolt is generally slotted for use with a standard screwdriver, although some stove bolts do use Phillips heads. A stove bolt can be fastened with either a square or hex nut, and in some cases, a lock washer is used to ensure that the nut remains firmly in place.

Stove Bolts

Stove Bolts: Stove bolts aren't just for stoves; they are quite versatile and can be used for almost any fastening job. They are available in a wide range of sizes, have a slotted head - flat, oval, or round, like screws and are driven with a screwdriver or tightened into place with a nut and wrench. Most stove bolts are completely threaded, but the larger ones may have a smooth shank near the bolt head. Stove bolts are coarse-threaded and are available in diameters from 5⁄32 to 1/2 inch and lengths from 3/8 inch to 6 inches.

Threads are standard right-hand and Unified inch coarse series (UNC, Unified National Coarse). Short lengths are fully threaded while very long lengths may be partially threaded. The point is usually a plain sheared end.

Typical stove bolt sizes are 1/8" (which is a 6-32 screw size), 5/32" (8-32), 3/16" (10-24), 1/4-20, 5/16-18 and 3/8-16. Lengths range from about 3/8" to 6". Measure the length of a flat head screw from the top of the head to the threaded end of the bolt; measure round heads from under the head.

Drive style is slotted and head style is flat countersunk and round head. The head angle (conical bearing surface) of flat heads is 82°. Table 1 lists head diameter and height of flat heads and round heads are listed in Table 2.

Steel, zinc plated, is the most common material and finish (long ago, unplated steel may have been an option).

When installing stove bolts in wood, use a large diameter washer under the nut and round heads to distribute clamping force over a larger area and minimize compression of the wood. Use an 82° countersink to create a countersunk recess (a beveled opening) for flat heads. The body diameter of the countersink should be equal to or greater than the head diameter to ensure that a uniform

Stove Bolts Specification | Stove Bolts at Factory Price | Stove Bolts Techinical Information Dimensions

Stove Bolt Dimensions for Flat Heads
Nominal SizeHead
1/8 [#6]0.13801/45/64
5/32 [#8]0.164019/643/32
3/16 [#10]0.190011/327/64

Table 1. Slotted Flat Head Stove Bolt Dimensions.
Nominal size in fractional and decimal inches, and head diameter and height, in inches. (Note: Average size is calculated and rounded to nearest 64th reference dimension is rounded to nearest 64th.

Stove Bolt Dimensions for Round Heads

Nominal SizeHead
1/8 [#6]0.13801/43/32
5/32 [#8]0.164019/647/64
3/16 [#10]0.190011/321/8

Table 2. Slotted Round Head Stove Bolt Dimensions.
Nominal size in fractional and decimal inches, and head diameter and height, in inches. (Note: Average size is calculated and rounded to nearest 64th.)


Stove Bolts


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Stove Bolts Application Industries

Sunflex Metal Industries are engaged in manufacturing of robust quality of Stove Bolts. These Stove Bolts are widely used in the following industries:

Stove Bolts Mining Industries
Stove Bolts Transport Industries- Rail and Road
Stove Bolts Construction Industries / Building Systems
Stove Bolts Manufacturing Industries
Stove Bolts Agriculture Industries
Stove Bolts Energy Industries
Stove Bolts Water Industries
Stove Bolts Automotive Industries
Stove Bolts Ship Building Industries
Stove Bolts Nuclear Power Plant
Stove Bolts Paper & Pulp Industries
Stove Bolts Sugar Industries
Stove Bolts Engineering Cement Industries
Stove Bolts Petro-Chemical Industries
Stove Bolts Food Industries
Stove Bolts Oil & Gas Industries
Stove Bolts Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

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