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Hex Nuts

We manufacturer fasteners with size range from M10 to M100  Hex Nuts, Heavy Hex Nut, Cap Nut, Acorn Nut, Serrated Flange Nut, Coupling Nut, Square Nut, Castle Nut, Wing Nut, Flange Lock Nut, Flex Lock Nut, High Nut, Kep Nut, Jam Nut, Nylon Lock Nut, Slotted Nut, Reversible Lock Nut, Custom Nut, T Nuts & other customized Nuts as per Client's requirement.We produce Hot Forged and Coled Formed Nuts Fasteners.

Hex Nuts
Nominal Size Thread 
Width Across Flats
(Wrench Size)
Max Min Min Max Min
M1.6 Hex Nuts0.353.23.023.411.31.05
M2 Hex Nuts0.443.824.321.61.35
M2.5 Hex Nuts0.4554.825.4521.75
M3 Hex Nuts0.55.55.326.012.42.15
M4 Hex Nuts0.776.787.663.22.9
M5 Hex Nuts0.887.788.794.74.4
M6 Hex Nuts1109.7811.055.24.9
M8 Hex Nuts1.251312.7314.386.86.44
M10 Hex Nuts1.51615.7317.778.48.04
M12 Hex Nuts1.751817.7320.0310.810.37
M14 Hex Nuts22120.6723.3512.812.1
M16 Hex Nuts22423.6726.7514.814.1
M20 Hex Nuts2.53029.1632.951816.9
M24 Hex Nuts3363539.5521.520.2
M30 Hex Nuts3.5464550.8525.624.3
M36 Hex Nuts45553.860.783129.4
M42 Hex Nuts4.56563.171.33432.4
M48 Hex Nuts57573.182.63836.4
M56 Hex Nuts5.58582.893.564543.4
M64 Hex Nuts69592.8104.865149.1


Nut Type

Hex NutsHeavy Hex NutCap NutAcorn NutSerrated Flange Nut
Coupling NutSquare NutCastle NutWing NutFlange Lock Nut
Flex Lock NutHigh NutKep NutJam NutNylon Lock Nut
Slotted NutReversible Lock NutCustom NutT Nuts 


Hex Nuts Application Industries

Sunflex Metal Industries are engaged in manufacturing of robust quality of Hex Nuts. These Hex Nuts are widely used in the following industries:

Hex Nuts Mining Industries
Hex Nuts Transport Industries- Rail and Road
Hex Nuts Construction Industries / Building Systems
Hex Nuts Manufacturing Industries
Hex Nuts Agriculture Industries
Hex Nuts Energy Industries
Hex Nuts Water Industries
Hex Nuts Automotive Industries
Hex Nuts Ship Building Industries
Hex Nuts Nuclear Power Plant
Hex Nuts Paper & Pulp Industries
Hex Nuts Sugar Industries
Hex Nuts Engineering Cement Industries
Hex Nuts Petro-Chemical Industries
Hex Nuts Food Industries
Hex Nuts Oil & Gas Industries
Hex Nuts Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

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