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ASTM F959 covers the requirements for compressible washer type direct tension indicators in diameters ranging from 1/2” to 1-1/2” inclusive. These washers are capable of indicating the achievement of a specified minimum bolt tension. They are available in two grades for use with A325 and A490 structural bolts and are also available in a weathering steel option for both grades.

F959 Types

Type 325 and 325-3For use with A325, F1852 and A325-3, F1852-3 structural bolts
Type 490 and 490-3For use with A490, F2280 and A490-3, F2280-3 structural bolts

F959 Acceptable Compression Load Range

Diameter Type 325 and 325-3, in kips Type 490 and 490-3, in kips
1/212 – 1415 – 18
5/819 – 2324 – 29
3/428 – 3435 – 42
7/839 – 4749 – 59
151 – 6164 – 77
1-1/856 – 6780 – 96
1-1/471 – 85102 – 122
1-3/885 – 102121 – 145
1-1/2103 – 124148 – 178

F959 Chemical Requirements, Heat Analysis

Element Type 325 and 490 Type 325-3 and 490-3
Carbon0.30 - 0.55%
Manganese0.50 – 0.90%
Phosphorous, max0.040%0.040%
Sulfur, max0.045%0.050%
Silicon0.15 – 0.35%0.15 – 0.35%
Chromium0.45 – 0.65%
Nickel0.25 – 0.45%
Copper0.25 – 0.45%
  • Weathering steel DTIs may also be made from any of the type 3 steels listed in A325 and F436
  • Weathering Steel DTIs having Copper, Sulfur, and Phosphorous conforming to the above, and having a Corrosion Resistance Index of 6 or higher calculated on the basis of the heat analysis as described in Guide 101 Predictive Method based on the data of Larabee and Coburn shall be considered acceptable.


Astm F959 Washer Application Industries

Sunflex Metal Industries are engaged in manufacturing of robust quality of Astm F959 Washer. These Astm F959 Washer are widely used in the following industries:

Astm F959 Washer Mining Industries
Astm F959 Washer Transport Industries- Rail and Road
Astm F959 Washer Construction Industries / Building Systems
Astm F959 Washer Manufacturing Industries
Astm F959 Washer Agriculture Industries
Astm F959 Washer Energy Industries
Astm F959 Washer Water Industries
Astm F959 Washer Automotive Industries
Astm F959 Washer Ship Building Industries
Astm F959 Washer Nuclear Power Plant
Astm F959 Washer Paper & Pulp Industries
Astm F959 Washer Sugar Industries
Astm F959 Washer Engineering Cement Industries
Astm F959 Washer Petro-Chemical Industries
Astm F959 Washer Food Industries
Astm F959 Washer Oil & Gas Industries
Astm F959 Washer Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

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